Say no to drugs!

We’ve just received the following testimonial from one of our clients and thought we would share it to show the impact our products can have on your health and well-being.

A couple of months ago, I was feeling blue; angry, anxious, stressed and emotional, I felt like I couldn’t think straight and was having trouble sleeping. Google told me I was at risk of a burn out, common with leading a busy lifestyle and trying to ‘do it all’.

I went to the doctor, explained my symptoms and they prescribed me antidepressants, I was reluctant to take these (and didn’t), instead I went to see Julie Dodgson, a registered Homeopath at Crossgates Health in Gargrave. Unique to Crossgates, is CGBioresonance Therapy, all it takes is a sample of your hair, then Julie will explain what has been found and discuss practical steps & recommendations to enhance your state of wellness, this may be a change of diet, supplements or homeopathic tinctures.

CGBioresonance Therapy establishes an overall picture of your health, seeing which systems and organs are operating optimally and where there are blocks to your energy flow. My test picked up that I have high level of gut bacteria, parasites, an inability to break down proteins from food, bacteria in my bladder, an ill-functioning liver, hormonal imbalances… the list goes on, it was quite astounding how a sample of my hair could pick up on all these things going on in my body as well as my emotional state ….oh and an allergy to green pepper! These are some of the things your GP can’t tell you.

Julie programmed a pendant, which I wear in my bra every day. She also recommended some Vitamin D supplements, B12 and a tincture (5 drops twice a day on the tongue) of tincture. Think of Bioresonance Therapy as a bit like spring cleaning your house, it’s is the same with your body, its accumulates a build up of toxins and energy blocks from traumas and stresses in your life. Bioresonance Therapy will help re balance your energetic systems, so your body can begin to do its own healing and cleansing. After a couple of days my energy levels returned, I had clarity and felt happier.

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