Meet The Crossgates Bioenergetics Health and Wellbeing Team

Julie Dodgson

Director, Founder and Homeopath

19 years experience in the Health Industry

Qualified as a Homeopath in 2009

Certificate in Natural Nutrition

Flower Essence Practitioner

Julie brings particular expertise and experience in being a mother and grandmother, nursery nurse.She prides in  helping with allergies, digestive health, immunology, fertility and mental health issues such as anxiety and depression. She shares a passion for holistic health care using bioenergetics and homeopathy to get to the root of complex health problems, often difficult to diagnose and treat, in modern medicine.

Also using the revolutionary BiCom technology, Julie will then work closely with each client to develop bespoke treatment, supplementation, a homeopathic programme using high quality and natural products to restore the body’s vital building blocks for repair, restoration and longterm good health.


Human Health Department


Rosina (Ros) has a great interest in all things natural health.
Her family have been Crossgates customers for a number of years before Ros joined the team.
Having started her career in health about 10 years ago, running her own nutrition, health and fitness business and personally studying natural health, bringing her 3 year old son up on natural Crossgates remedies and working in Chiropractic care, Ros has a great understanding of what we have to offer here at and what many of our customers would need.
Ros is professional, sincerely passionate about helping people with an empathetic and non-judgmental attitude, you are in caring hands.


Originally from South Africa, Claire has a deep-rooted love of the natural world, having worked in conservation for 11 years in Southern Africa before moving to the UK. Her passion for natural health and wellness started in 2017 when she was faced with her early-stage Cancer journey, and with the help of an incredible team of natural health professionals, she not only got her health back and even better than ever, but her passion, knowledge and experience grew for Natural Health practises. Claire is now a part-time student studying towards a diploma in Naturopathy in between raising her son and working at Crossgates.



I have now worked at Crossgates for almost 20 years preparing remedies and carrying out the hair tests for Humans and Animals, gaining knowledge and experience all along the way and using my Science based education as a foundation. Previous to this I worked in the Dairy Industry overseeing product testing before during and after processing.


Animal Health Department


Victoria has been with Crossgates Health for a longtime and is a good friend of Julie, who originally introduced her to homeopathy. Vicki had learnt a lot from her vet who helped Vicki look after her animals.

Her knowledge is immense in homeopathy, animals and holistic medicine.


Crossgates Bioenergetics Hair Analysis Testing



Operations Manager


David is Julie's brother and has helped the business grow by supporting Julie with the accounts and technology!

He is a scientist with a B.Tech HND MSC in Environmental pollution control and also holds a BSC honors in environmental science.


Apple Cider Vinegar Technician


Stephen joined Crossgates after he retired. He wanted to keep himself busy and he sure does! He bottles all sizes of our vinegar up at the bottling plant in the clean room!