Consultations are available here at The Barn or remotely by sending in a hair sample with a medical form

Unique to Crossgates, we have been using CGBioresonance Therapy for 18 years. The name of your illness is not important. What is important is establishing an overall picture of your health, seeing which systems and organs are operating optimally and which are not, where there are blocks to your energy flow, whether allergic or inflammatory or degenerative process are involved, and, most importantly, honouring your body’s own innate intelligence in its ability to continually heal itself.

Please find below a list of the testing options available on our machines. If you wish to proceed with a test, all it takes is a sample of hair (please wear gloves when cutting and there is no need from the root). Following the test we will call you with the results and explain what has been found. We will also discuss practical steps & recommendations to enhance your state of wellness, this may be a change of diet, supplements or homeopathic tinctures.

Initial Remote Full Chronic Health Consultation £130 + P&P

This specialist Bioresonance hair test is designed for anyone, from those with chronic health concern/s such as arthritis or autoimmune conditions to those with short-term health problems such as allergies and temporary stressful situations. Each test receives an in-depth 1hour consultation, split into 2 x 30minute calls, by our experienced health specialists.

Our aim is to find the root cause of your health concern/s for longer term benefits. This intensive test looks at over 222 categories linked to the body at a cellular level to detect adverse resonances and supplemental needs. This unique test also delves into the emotional and psychological well-being of the client, and includes a full report of the findings with a pendant and/or remedy spray.

*We recommend a follow on test every 3 months, if need be, at a cost of £62.52 plus P&P

Initial Remote Children’s health Test - £98.70 + P&P

This Version of the above Bioresonance test is specifically designed for children and includes a half hour consultation plus a full report of the findings with a pendant and/or spray remedy.

*We recommend a follow on test every 3 months, if need be, at a cost of £62.52 plus P&P

Weight Management Test – £150 + P&P

Crossgates Health offer you a unique Personalised Weight Management Analysis and Plan (using our renowned professional bio-energetics testing system) which will help remove your blocks to enable you to finally  achieve your goals. Your life-changing individualised programme will highlight your deficiencies and problem areas to save you wasted time, effort and money. We supply a pendant or 250ml remedy to assist.

When you do a test Allergies may show up– If you are well overall but feel you suffer from Allergies or Intolerances our CGBio Allergy Test may discover what is going on. After the test we will discuss any Allergies and Intolerances and supply a pendant or 250ml remedy to assist.

Anxiety & Stress

may show up. includes an analysis of your emotional wellbeing. Australian Bush Flower, Bach Flower and Indigo essences are added to calm and focus the mind. We supply a pendant or 250ml remedy to assist.

Hormonal Balancing

Do you feel ruled by your hormones? Hormones affect the wellbeing of both Males and Females. Our bioresonance tests and remedies are able to help you balance your hormonal energy. With remedies such as thyroid support, adrenal support, male hormone balance, female hormone balance, menopause and menses there is something available to help. We supply a pendant or 250ml remedy to assist.

Candida and Thrush

Candida and thrush can be a persistent problem. If you suffer from fungal nail infections, athletes foot, or have had candida present within the mouth, digestive tract or genital system this may be the solution for you. We supply a pendant or 250ml remedy to assist.

We may also recommend organ support homeopathic tinctures, flower essences, bioresonance remedies, supplements and other items to help with your healing. Helping all ages.