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If you are looking for complementary methods to manage your health, contact the Crossgates team. Whether you are unwell or looking to prevent illness we have a personalised solution to offer.

The Crossgates Story

Crossgates was founded by Julie Dodgson in 1998 and from then has developed into a unique business employing 14 members of staff in several departments.

In my early years I was a nursery nurse, I had a real passion for fundraising & supporting local schools and playgrounds.

I, the wife of a busy dairy farmer, had huge demands every day, raising four wonderful children, working full time, and keeping family life going.

Then there was a big change in 1995 when I became extremely ill and was immobile for 12 months. I went down all conventional routes for my health issues which proved ineffective.

Then a close friend of mine introduced me to alternative medicine, including a consultation with a homeopath and with this help I slowly got my health back on track over 2 years.

It was at this point in my life, my interest was in homeopathy and its tremendous benefits started my journey.

I was ready for a whole new chapter to begin, I went on to train in homeopathy,bio-resonance, flower essences and nutritional healing.

I started the business up locally at Crossgates Farm, Banknewton, using the homeopathic remedies on our farm animals, the business progressed, and we combined homeopathy and bio-resonance together.

With continued success larger premises were needed, we ventured up to Barrell Sykes, Settle this is where the team grew and we developed health and animal departments, along with my daughters business – Crossgates Hair & Beauty.

Then 7 years ago, we took a big step and myself and my daughter Sally bought a new premise, which was more central- The Barn in Gargrave. Both of our businesses work well together and both clients/customers/patients can benefit from each side.

Here at Crossgates Health we have been helping humans & animals for over 20 years now.

I share a passion for holistic health care using bioenergetics & homeopathy to get to the root of complex health problems which are often difficult to diagnose and treat in modern medicine.

I believe it is important to work with the body, mind & soul and I am dedicated to helping people stay healthy through a combination of teaching & self-improvement.

I thank you all for the continued support through out these many years. I have built wonderful relationships and experienced some humbling results from many of my patients.

I continue to look forward to helping people live their best healthiest and happiest life.

As you can see from my story, I never gave up and I am thankful everyday for the life I am living today.

“Nothing ever goes away, until it has taught us what we need to know”

I Care.

Our Motto

“Keep it Simple”